We went to see the Great Moscow Circus in Perth yesterday which was really cool. I’d last been to a circus when I was really small, back in the day when lions and tigers and performing elephants were all the rage. Sadly for me, that meant coming away in an allergy haze which I’m told lasted for a week (all the sand, horses etc)

So I was really looking forward to going again, especially as I had Telfast (antihistamine) on my side this time, just in case. Took the kids on the train upto the city and walked up to get an early lunch (through whinging and tears too, no less – still have no idea why actually) and then on to the circus.

Perth was lovely in the sunshine yesterday, and deserted too – for a big city it’s so empty on a Saturday.

Anyway – the circus was fantastic – a proper “big top” and everything. The acts were amazing, no safety equipment to speak of, just a large crash pad for one where 2 guys were flinging themselves from a swing across the ring onto a massive cloth hanging from the roof and then sliding down. They were 8 or 9 metres in the air so I guess something was required, not that any of the other acts were really any less high or dangerous. Totally amazing and worth the money, even if most of the acts seemed to be from Spain or Colombia and not actually Russia 🙂

Moscow Circus

Some tips though. Eat before, bring a drink for the kids and get there at least 1/2 hour early to get the good seats. We did all of these and it was fine, families that didnt had a much poorer view and would have been subjected the huge queues for the awful hotdogs and chips at the interval.

So yeah, 5 stars for the Moscow Circus in Perth.

Took a load of photos whilst I was out and about in the city, bit you’ll have to wait – they were ol the Holga or Trip 35 🙂

what to do..

Work has slowed down a bit again, leaving me with time to do some self paced learning, demo creation, reading etc etc. But I’m at a loss as to *what* to focus on.

There are a million things on the go in IT that might be useful to me at any one time, so where do I start?

Google Wave, BPM, TOGAF, SOA, perhaps do some tinkering with .NET?

I don’t know!

On an unrelated note, Roll Up, Roll Up, we’re going to the circus on Saturday. I think the last time I went to a circus was when I was really small, like 5 or something, so that’ll be interesting. Shame I wont be able to take any photos 😦

I’ll take the 35mm films up with us though to get developed – we can do it whilst we have lunch, should get them back before the circus starts 🙂