what to do..

Work has slowed down a bit again, leaving me with time to do some self paced learning, demo creation, reading etc etc. But I’m at a loss as to *what* to focus on.

There are a million things on the go in IT that might be useful to me at any one time, so where do I start?

Google Wave, BPM, TOGAF, SOA, perhaps do some tinkering with .NET?

I don’t know!

On an unrelated note, Roll Up, Roll Up, we’re going to the circus on Saturday. I think the last time I went to a circus was when I was really small, like 5 or something, so that’ll be interesting. Shame I wont be able to take any photos 😦

I’ll take the 35mm films up with us though to get developed – we can do it whilst we have lunch, should get them back before the circus starts 🙂