Christmas lights

There’s a bit of a trend around these parts to decorate houses with Christmas lights.  When I say decorate, I mean cover, top to bottom.

One particular street has been doing this for many years, with most of the residents participating.  It’s got so famous that the area is packed with people on Christmas Eve, all wanting to come see.

It’s also become our tradition to go for a wander.

I bumped into Dodgey Bruce who has way better pics up on his blog – go see!!

There were hundreds of people, a steady parade of cars, carol singers, barbecues, people handing out Christmas sweeties and thousands of cool lights.

Here are my feeble efforts, taken with the little LX5 but not on a high enough ISO to stop the camera shake..

P1020396 P1020397 P1020398 P1020402 P1020403 P1020404 P1020405 P1020406 P1020407 P1020408 P1020409 P1020410 P1020413 P1020416 P1020418 P1020419

Thanks to the residents of Cumberland Way – love the lights – Merry Christmas!

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