busy, like a fox

A rolling stone gathers no moss, as the saying (proverb?) goes, and this week, I am certainly free of mosses, lichens and any rock growing greenery – I’ve been out with the camera again.  I know, amazing, you’re all thinking – he never does that..  **rolls eyes**

Anyway, dear readers (of which I have around 100 a day at the moment, apparently – feel free to leave a comment if you like the purdy photos..) – I popped out to the jetty that I took these pictures at in March for a retake with my new wide angle lens.

There were a few people there already taking photos of a couple, the wife heavily pregnant, so I had to wait a few minutes for them to finish.  I have to say, given that she was using the pop up flash on the camera and a kit lens, I don’t have that much faith that the photos will be any good.


As I set up, the Coogee women surf boat team were out practising.

In bikinis.

And I learned something new. Apparently, for grip (or something) they have to, how do I say this, splash their bottoms with water and hoik up their bikini bottoms and give themselves a wedgie, exposing their bum cheeks before sitting down.  Classy.

And I’m stood on the jetty with the camera, waiting for it to finish a 4 minute exposure, with nothing to do but loiter and pretend I’m not a pervert..  Awkward.

So, the photos. Hope you like them.

Looking along Palm Beach to Mangles Bay

Jetty with the 10 stop (almost completely black) filter on

Jetty a bit later with just the circular polariser on.

I made a few composition errors and the sky was a bit bland – next time I’m going to go back on a windy as well day with clouds to try to capture the motion in the sky more.

And now, its late and its bedtime in this little corner of the world.