busy, like a fox

A rolling stone gathers no moss, as the saying (proverb?) goes, and this week, I am certainly free of mosses, lichens and any rock growing greenery – I’ve been out with the camera again.  I know, amazing, you’re all thinking – he never does that..  **rolls eyes**

Anyway, dear readers (of which I have around 100 a day at the moment, apparently – feel free to leave a comment if you like the purdy photos..) – I popped out to the jetty that I took these pictures at in March for a retake with my new wide angle lens.

There were a few people there already taking photos of a couple, the wife heavily pregnant, so I had to wait a few minutes for them to finish.  I have to say, given that she was using the pop up flash on the camera and a kit lens, I don’t have that much faith that the photos will be any good.


As I set up, the Coogee women surf boat team were out practising.

In bikinis.

And I learned something new. Apparently, for grip (or something) they have to, how do I say this, splash their bottoms with water and hoik up their bikini bottoms and give themselves a wedgie, exposing their bum cheeks before sitting down.  Classy.

And I’m stood on the jetty with the camera, waiting for it to finish a 4 minute exposure, with nothing to do but loiter and pretend I’m not a pervert..  Awkward.

So, the photos. Hope you like them.

Looking along Palm Beach to Mangles Bay

Jetty with the 10 stop (almost completely black) filter on

Jetty a bit later with just the circular polariser on.

I made a few composition errors and the sky was a bit bland – next time I’m going to go back on a windy as well day with clouds to try to capture the motion in the sky more.

And now, its late and its bedtime in this little corner of the world.


7 Comments on “busy, like a fox

  1. Awesome shots!!! Sort of reminds me of Jaws. Haha… the scene where the guys try to catch the shark off the dock… only your jetty is MUCH prettier. And longer. And maybe it isn’t at all like Jaws. But Jaws popped into my head and I’ve learned to just roll with these things.


    • LOL! Rolling with it is good – I never ask too many questions of my brain, it does its own thing. We do get sharks here (well, not right there, just around the corner in the bay where I live) – big bitey great whites too. Which is why i’m on the jetty and not in the water!


    • I really like the wide angle – there’s a little image quality trade off and you have to be careful of verticals near the edges of the shot. I guess it depends on what you like taking photos of though – these would be crap for the kind of racing panning shots you do. I need to go back and re-shoot the jetty with the ND110 filter, but compose it like the 3rd shot – I like the feel and light of the middle one, but dont like that pole on its own


  2. sounds like a good plan! i doubt i’d use it for racing. more for everything else tho! i have a contact who uses one at car shows, gets the wide perspective of the yank tanks perfectly!


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