A ride around the beaches

Best thing about living by the sea – being able to ride around the beaches.

It never gets old.  Probably because I grew up an hour or so’s drive away from the coast I hardly ever saw it, except for holidays and the occasional sunny summer Sunday.

So off I went out with the camera again – and here’s some pictures 🙂

The sky had been wispy with cloud all day, and as the wind was very light, I knew this was a good sign that we were going to have a good sunset.  I went out in plenty of time so that I would be able to get some lighter shots.


I rode around past Mangles Bay – scene of many a good photo session (See these posts from there if you’re interested – here,  here  and here) – towards Rockingham to get a better orientation to the sunset.  Looking from the jetties over the boats towards Mangles Bay means you’re facing pretty much west – perfect.  The light started to change and we were rewarded with some colour across the horizon.


Bit further round the coast – I parked up at Rockingham foreshore and took some pictures of the jetty.


Then heading back the way I had just come, I parked up by Palm Beach jetty and took some shots over the beach with the sun reflecting over the water.


Looking up the coast in the other direction towards Kwinana was very pretty too – everything took on a pastel hue.


And that was that – just enough time to try to get a shot of the bike against the red streaks on the horizon..


…and watch the last of the fire die out of the sky, before setting off for home.


The End.

My advice:

Come to Perth in the Winter and it’ll be crisp, properly cold even, stormy and often exciting but with some balmy afternoons that make England’s summer look ordinary.

Come in Spring and it’ll be cool, but with some gorgeous 30C days and fresh winds.

Come in Summer for the long hot days and wall to wall sunshine.

Come in Autumn and you’ll get a bit of all of the other three.  Plus the mellow seasonal colours and sunsets (and sunrises) to die for.

14 Comments on “A ride around the beaches

    • Like everywhere, it is what you make it 🙂 But seriously, it is very lovely to live here by the sea.


  1. Long hot days seems to downplay it somewhat! Nice pics Charlie. I’m so jealous of you being so close to the coast!


    • Yeah – I’m not really a fan of those baking hot humid days we’ve had this year 😦 It’s lovely here – I woke up to the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. Can’t get better than that. Well, perhaps if I could see them from my bedroom window too, but I don’t have the $1m needed for that! Move down this way, c’mon, you know you want to!


  2. Hey, those sunset streaks match the red of your bike. Very cunning!

    I haven’t seen the ocean in months, and I miss it muchly. Not sure when I’m going to get to see it next either. This will have been the longest stretch in my life that I have been away from the coast.


    • Cunning indeed and entirely coincidental! No planning or forethought on my part, I can assure you! I intend to visit the beach in a few minutes with my ‘blad and a few rolls of film just for something different. You’re in monument valley and you’re thinking about another landscape? :p


      • Ehehehehehe, no i’m just wishing I was getting somewhere near the sea soon. No complaints being where I am though!


    • Skies are awesome here. I’ll have to take a long run out to the other side of the forests and into farming country – there you have wide open spaces like nowhere else – it’s a very big flat country!


    • Sounds like a neat idea 🙂 had a listen to your demo – I’ll have to think about which photos might suit your style!


      • Great, thanks for checking it out. I’ll be starting sometime next week, so just send it along when you’ve found something you like 🙂


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