a brief moment

yup – the kids are playing, we have guests (well, Jay’s friend Cher is here) and I have finally managed to slink off to write a quick update..

We’ve had an awesome week with my parents and kids being here.  We went out to meet my parents in Fremantle and headed over to have dinner in Wagamama on Tuesday (was that really more than a week ago? – man, time is rushing by) which was cool – they cater well for gluten free and vegan diets which was a major draw for us.

Other things we did – it all seems so jumbled up now:

  • we’ve been to the beach a few times for a paddle in the surf
  • went to Penguin Island on Christmas Eve to see Western Australia’s largest colony of Little (or fairy) penguins
  • had a walk down the street with all the Christmas lights
  • had the whole family over for Christmas lunch
  • had a quiet boxing day with a walk on the beach
  • got married (more on this later 😉 )
  • had lots of friends over

The kids have had a lovely time so far – we’re going to play in the park thats just behind where I live later which should keep the monsters at bay for a few hours.

Here’s some pics from our trip to Penguin Island on Christmas Eve

Still to come, Christmas Day and our wedding 🙂

3 Comments on “a brief moment

  1. Aww it looks like everyone is having so much fun! I’m just trying to wrap my brain around what it must be like to have such warm temperatures for the beach at Christmastime! I really need to visit Australia when it’s winter here. 🙂


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