busy busy

sorry for the brief hiatus in blogging activities – I’ve been a little busy..

I went to collect my kids from the UK on Friday – taking Malaysian Airlines flight to the UK via KL.  I arrived on Saturday at 5:30am, jumped in a hire car, navigated snow, drove to Suffolk to get the kids, then to Kent (where there was a lot of snow) for a night at my sisters before catching a Singapore Airlines flight back to Perth on Sunday

The kids were great on the flight and we got back to the house on Monday afternoon to a lovely welcome from Jay’s kids.  Ella and Henry were pretty much swept off as soon as they walked in to play which was very cool.

We’ve had fun this week so far – here are some pics 🙂

More news later, right now, I’m off to get married 🙂

2 Comments on “busy busy

  1. Look at all those adorable children!! I’m so glad you’ve been having a great time and OMG YOU ARE PROBABLY MARRIED BY NOW!!

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND JAY!!!!!!! I can’t wait to see all the pics of your lovely day. 🙂


    • They are adorable (well, I am a tad biassed) – been having an awesome time this last week, its just a shame its almost over 😦

      And yes, we are married and thank you so much for your congratulations 🙂 the day was beautiful – more details to follow soon, I promise!


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