Only 5 days late – lol.

So, Christmas morning was a late one, the kids slept in as we had dragged them around the Christmas lights late the night before – I even had to go wake Henry at 8:30 as he was still sound asleep.

Got some excellent presents, a wide angle pin-hole Holga, a fish-eye lens for the other Holga and a Wii cricket game that I am yet to play as the kids have been on Wii Sport Resort morning noon and night.

Loved seeing all the kids get their presents – they all got surprises which was cool.  Everything was a surprise for Henry though and he had a lovely time.

My parents came over, followed by Jays parents and Jay’s brother – we had a wicked feast and lots of presents and we had a brilliant day.  We all sat outside on the patio in the 30+ degree heat and drank wine and chatted.  Bliss.

Some pics from the day 🙂

Henry with Thomas the tank engine presents

Ella with Littlest Pet Shop presents

H in his Thomas t-shirt

amazingly that t-shirt stayed clean for 3 days despite heavy chocolate consumption, jam sandwiches and running about boy-style-ee.

Cos we were so busy, I don’t have many other pics – Jay’s girls were off playing within seconds of getting their presents and that was that – what with a houseful, I never did get to play family snapper.  Ah well..they all had buckets of fun.

2 Comments on “Christmas

  1. SO CUTE! My nephew is completely bonkers for Thomas the Tank Engine. There was Thomas stuff all over the place when we went for Christmas dinner. H looks adorable in his new shirt!

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with with the pinhole Holga. COOL gift!


  2. PS I’m literally bouncing up and down waiting for your wedding pics. No pressure or anything hahaha.


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