Drive out to the country

Yes, it’s another of those weekend photo posts!

Jay and I decided to go on another little drive out to a place we haven’t been before.  Well, to be 100% accurate, its somewhere I’ve not been before – Jay has been to most places having lived here for 20+ years, but me being Johnny Foreigner, I haven’t really been to many places outside of Perth.

So – destination Harvey, the garden Shire of Western Australia.  Well, one of them, I’m sure there are loads really.  There’s a lot of milk, orange juice, cheese and beef produced here – the brand – Harvey Fresh is found everywhere.  Not surprisingly then, the journey down, as pretty as it is, is mostly made up of miles and miles of farms, which aren’t very photogenic.  Ah well.

We got to Harvey and stopped off at an old heritage cottage that was now part of the tourist bit of Harvey.  Ok, was really the only tourist bit of Harvey.  But it was very nice, with a beautiful (replica) of an old 1860’s homestead – Stirling Cottage – set in lovely orange grove gardens teeming with monarch butterflies on the banks of the Harvey River

After a walk around the grounds, we popped into the house for some lunch (it’s now a cafe, in case you thought we were being seriously cheeky).

The menu looked awesome and we wended up quickly gravitating to a the tasting plate of breads and dips for two.

Nom nom

Jay was impatient waiting for the food and kept herself amused, even nibbling the fake flowers.

Then, full of lunch and coffee, we went for a walk to the old trestle bridge- yes, this supports the South Western Highway, massive trucks and all.

Then off to the Harvey Dam, which is one of Harvey’s notable landmarks apparently, but was disapointed to find there was no diving allowed.   I’m sure a nasty head wound onto the granite blocks sounds like great fun.  I think they must have planned for more capacity than has been delivered by rain than we’ve had this year.

Then, with tea and a slump for the afternoon very much on the cards, we popped into buy some cheese from the cheese factory and made a bolt for home.

We’ll have more stories from WA next week

The end.


7 Comments on “Drive out to the country

  1. That wife of yours is a wag.

    Best. Tasting. Plate. Ever.

    You stole my photos. Thief! :))


    • She is a wag, tell her when you see her, would you.

      Food was yum. Was almost tragic leaving without tasting all the deserts too. I’m having lemon meringue pie dreams..

      I know, sorry on the photos – they’re better than mine, but they were taken with my camera so I claim snarfage rights.


  2. Ok, that tasting plate – seriously driving up the drool factor!

    I’ve driven through Harvey a heap of times but have never stopped there to have a wander around. There used to be a servo somewhere around there that had KILLER chili padi (the small, hot bird chili), to the collective relief of my folks one holiday away, when there was a dire emergency when everyone realised we’d forgotten to pack good chilli in the supplies 😀


    • Yes, the food was awesome – that’s worth the drive right there. And the deserts that were on offer too… you weren’t planning on coming home without getting fat were you?

      We didn’t find the chilli, but the cheese was rather good (rosemary flavour cheddar or double cream brie suit you?)


  3. I love reading about your trips because you guys always have the best scenery photos, great family photos, and of course great food photos that always leave me hungry.. like now lol. I look forward to come here and see whats next Charlie.


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