80’s video-tastic

girls (including one dodgy looking one with a beard) on film..

I spent a few hours last night in iMovie just knocking this up – its not 100% perfect, but hey, it’s better then nothing!

Its even in HD (appears when you hit play)

Party pics

Some pics from the night – the early ones are better, can’t think why..LOL

I think everyone looks fab – glad people went to such a lot of effort with the costumes.   Jay looked wicked – pink, pink and more pink.

party time

Its party time next weekend – as we’re old farts, we’re having a joint hen and bucks party (hucks?) with lots of friends – and its an 80’s cocktail party.

Oh yes 🙂

Get your leather ties, jackets with roll up sleeves, leg warmers and severe makeup ready, we’re side step dancing and jitterbuggin’ all night.

Costume has been annoyingly difficult to source – we didn’t have that much time to get stuff, so ordering from the UK or US or even China on ebay wasn’t possible, which is a terrible shame as there was so much good stuff to be had. So we were limited to costume shops, ebay Australia, salvos and the like. Which has, frankly, been a nightmare.

I had the best I {heart} NY t-shirt, acid wash jeans and some wicked sunnies lined up on ebay, but got outbid and ridiculous prices – arse. Costume shops are a bit of a joke for blokes dressing up to say the least – its either a naff Ghostbusters outfit

or an overly expensive Michael Jackson red PVC get up

So, I have improvised with what I could find on ebay that would ship in time. Heaven help me.

Still waiting for the 3 most important bits – they have 6 postage days to get here, I reaaaaaaally hope they arrive or I’ll be going as Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Mind you, I’m starting to think that might have been a better choice..