Party pics

Some pics from the night – the early ones are better, can’t think why..LOL

I think everyone looks fab – glad people went to such a lot of effort with the costumes.   Jay looked wicked – pink, pink and more pink.

3 Comments on “Party pics

  1. Ohmigod that is HILARIOUS!! It looks like you guys had so much fun. And it really made me want to crimp my hair. 🙂 Everyone looked FABULOUS especially the bride-to-be!

    And by the way that is my FAVE Duran Duran song.


    • hehe – glad you liked them – we had a blast! My feet were killing me after the walk home though – high heels are not for the uninitiated!!

      Jay looked fab, she did so well with her costume, she certainly had more practice in heels than me!

      My first time using iMovie – its so easy to knock something together quickly – have loads more 80’s stuff copying over from CD and downloading now – its very addictive!


    • Don’t believe a word he says, Lauren. The man walks far too well in heels to have never done it before 😉


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