digging in the dirt

No, not a song by Peter Gabriel, but my own attempts at turning the back garden into a scene from Time Team.


Spent yesterday digging up the back garden to try to make sense of the irrigation system. First, I fixed the broken pipe and sprinkler – a five minute task made much harder as its not obvious in the shop which parts go with what. I got there in the end.

I now have an archaeological dig of a garden, complete with exploratory trenches. All I’m missing is a seismic survey report and some broken pottery.

So, I’ve randomly found a blue control wire (which I know is important, as I found it in another part of the garden and when I fixed a break in it, the irrigation started to work again), a solenoid valve (used to control where the water comes on from the main control station), doubled up pipes and also a vanishing pipe (is in one trench, but has vanished by the time it should have hit a second trench – where it goes and why is anyone’s guess)

I’m kinda resigned to the fact that I shall have to unearth the whole damn system before I know how it works. I have my suspicions (for the record) that the non functioning sprinklers are on a separate control station, but I haven’t found the solenoid valve that controls that yet.

More digging later and possibly some photos too.