Back to England – part 1

It was time to see the children in England.  I’d booked the flights ages ago – but as the Olympics were on, they were massively expensive and only the less desirable flight times were available.  I worked all day Friday and then caught the flight out at 2am *bleaugh* was a very long day.  I got a bit of sleep, did the 2 hour stop at Singapore and then the next leg – the joyous 14 hour hop to London.

Anyway, it was all good – the airport was unusually quiet and I popped out into arrivals into 32 degree heat – rare for England and almost summer temperature for Perth!  Picked up my hire car and drove to my parents house where my children were waiting for me.
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Holidays, part 6 – mini golf, mini trains, castles and trees

We had almost come to the end of the holidays and there were so many fun things still to be done.  I decided to go see what one of the locals parks had to offer as I’d heard it had been done up since I was last there.  And done up it had been – lots of new play equipment, remodelling and the two decade old mini golf had finally been redone.

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Three go on an adventure

A little tale from the motherland..

Towards the end of the time in England with the kids, they were nagging that it was sunny out and dinner wasn’t for an hour or so and can they have an adventure.

So, we hopped into the car and I took them to Knole Park – a Medieval deer park that survives pretty much intact – to see if we could see some deer.

There are usually hundreds of them about – even though its a pretty big place (1000 acres, 4 sq km) you can pretty much rock up at one of the entrances and there’ll be loads of them right there.  They might be wild, but they’re not stupid – people bring food.

Here’s some photos I’ve taken before



Anyway, we arrived, parked up and walked a short way to where I have always known the deer to hang out.

No deer to be seen.

Now, thats fine if you’re me – its a beautiful park – if we don’t have deer, its no big deal.

Not so if you’re 3.

When you’re a 3 year old small boy, its the end of the world.  Henry had decided that as there were no deer, he had a headache in his legs, he was hungry, it was cold and he had a sore throat.  All at once.

Ella, however, being 8, although disapointed, is more flexible and wanted an adventure anyway.

So, she set off down an impossibly steep hill through the head-height (for me) bracken in order to find her some deer.  Henry was busy laying face down bawling at this point, so I scooped him up on to my shoulders (with no regard for my now popping spine) and followed her.

Ella had no trouble following what turned out not to be a path as such, but was really a deer track into the ever thickening forest of bracken, trouble is, she had no idea where it was going nor was thinking about me, carring a bag, camera and a Henry down a 45 degree slope.

Anyway, we got to the bottom unscathed and had fun along the way, even though we didn’t see any deer.  Henry recovered his dignity and decided that life was maybe worth living after all and was running about happily after his big sister.

On the way home, there are a couple of other spots where wild deer and such hang out, so I took them back via the scenic route and had a couple of pit-stops and into some fields to see if we could see any where I know they sometimes hang out.

Again, a pic from a few years ago from this spot (see, children, you do believe me, don’t you?)


This time. however, no deer.

The buggers have all gone on holiday!

Ah well, the kids started to find it funny that Daddy was totally hopeless at locating deer and also learned that wild animals can’t be relied upon for fun.

Good times.

Piccies from a foreign land

I got my films from my trip to the UK back yesterday and they are awesome!

I love my Hasselblad, it produces amazing images – so clear and full of glorious colour and definition in a way that digital images somehow aren’t.  The trouble is, scanning these amazing prints and showing them on here doesn’t show them how they are at all 😦

I tried scanning them at 600dpi, but the resulting images lack clarity, so I really need to do them at the full 1200 or higher – which means a scan time of more than 9 minutes per image – crappy scanner.

So, I need to buy a dedicated medium format negative scanner.

They cost AU$750

Add it to the list of stuff I ‘need’ 😦

Expensive hobby, this film lark.   Looks like I might be getting familiar with home developing sooner rather than later!

Aaaaaanyhoo…  I do have some initial scans to share – they’re pretty much all of my kids and family, but hey, its my blog, I can share if I like!   I’ll probably redo these over the weekend – hopefully they will come out with a bit more ‘pop’

Oh, and I’ve done this on my work laptop which has a very bright screen, I don’t know if the colour/contrast on these pics is actually correct or not 😦

more tall tales..

so, how far did I get?

I’ve been so busy and also sick (with special thanks to my children for their so far unblemished record in handing over the lurgey baton when I see them) that blogging was placed on the back burner.

So, Easter Sunday was spent at my sisters:

Ava is my youngest sister’s smallest child – she’s ever so sweet, very little and smiley

Easter Monday we went for as walk around the duckponds (by popular request) – it was pretty cold still, but we had a lot of fun and it was really nice to see all the spring flowers and blossom starting to come out. We don’t have the same spring flowers here, the English ones are much nicer!