Walking before you run

So, regular readers (what I have left, given the infrequency of my posts!) will remember that since March I’ve been on a bit of a health kick.

Its been going really well – consistency, not overdoing it or expecting some magical body transformation and falling in a heap and finding solitude in 13 tubs of Ben and Jerrys ice cream when I dont get a six pack after the 3rd day is the trick.

Just eat a bit less and move a bit more.  Repeat.

That’s it.  I know, right, whodathunkit?

Anyways – I kinda maxed out with the waking – was getting to the point where I could walk a 1/2 marathon at max speed and not get into heart rate zone 4 (the productive zone).  So I needed to up the ante.

I’ve always wanted to run but never found a way to do it without getting shin splints.
Until now (kinda – read on)

After a few false starts where I over did it and crippled myself, I’ve decided to take it slowly and add 1 or 2km into my walks a few times a week for several months until I’m able to add more.

I got new running shoes when I was in England, which, with a little coaching on where on the foot to aim to strike, were a revelation, but I’m still having to take things slowly.  If I do too little it feels like there’s no point and I get no benefit; overdo it with the running and boom – my calves and shins get unbearably sore and I have to pull up for a week.


But I am persisting, and a couple of months after I got back from England, I can now easily add 1km into my week day 5k walk and about 3 or 4km of running into my weekend 10-15km walk.

I aim for around 7.40 mins/km for the walk part and 5.30 mins/km for the run, which seems to suit me quite well.  Any faster and I feel pains in places I don’t want to and any slower it feels ploddy and heavy.

And it’s working really well.

I’m down to within about 1kg of my first goal weight of 80kg (12.5 st) and have shed 16kg (approx 2.5st) since I started in late March.  Next goal is 75kg (once I’ve hit 80kg that is – so close!) and I’m hoping that by Christmas I can manage a proper 5km run in the mid 5mins/km range and not be walking like a penguin for a week afterwards.

So this blog, for the first time ever, starts to resemble its domain name!

Run Charlie, Run! 

In the meantime, heres some images and screenshots from morning and evening out walking and running along the beach path near where I live.



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