Summer in England 2017 – final post

Sorry for the slight delay – I have succumbed to the rather nasty flu that is doing the rounds here in Perth..

I dropped the kids back off in Suffolk and said our goodbyes and given a minor miracle with the lack of weekend traffic, was back home in Kent nice and early with time to kill for a change.

The weather was beautiful so I decided to go for a run around Plaxtol.

I’m still learning how to run, so was mixing it up with walking in a few places so as not to overdo it, but overall, I felt pretty comfortable.  Plus, there are so many amazing houses, views, little lanes and places around that part of England, that running round the lanes is a really enjoyable experience in its own right.

Cue the photos. Enjoy.

Next time I’m back will be February or possibly Easter – I doubt it will be quite so pleasant outside then!


I ran up to Oxen Hoath – an old manor house thats now a conference centre and wedding venue.  There was a wedding on when I went, so no photos of the house and gardens sadly (which bride wants a sweaty jogger in the background of her wedding photos lol) – but just the driveway up to the house and views across to Hadlow and Tonbridge were lovely)  You can see Hadlow Tower poking out like a large church steeple if you look closely.


Not gonna break any records, but still, not too bad for a first shoe outing.


3 Comments on “Summer in England 2017 – final post

    • Hey Dawn! Yeah, it’s the little lanes and footpaths between places that makes it so much fun – pretty much the whole country is like it, although the scenery changes a lot depending on where you are! It’s just not the same here in Australia (although running alongside the indian ocean in the sea breeze cant really be called a hardship lol) If you like a mix of lanes and cross country paths, find a local who knows the place to guide you! If you’re ever near Sevenoaks in Kent – let me know and I’ll send you some routes!


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