my god, its full of stars..

(thats a quote from “2001, A Space Odyssey” if you didn’t know)

Tonight, Anja had a school astronomy science lesson at one of the teacher’s houses not too far from here.  Her class and a few brave parents gathered in the falling light at the back of the gorgeous 5 acre property to look at the sky and learn about the stars.

I’m a real star geek – I had a telescope in England that I used to use a fair bit – it was awesome, but sadly it couldn’t make it all the way to Perth so I gave it to a friend (hope you’re still getting good use from it, Molty), so I jumped at the chance to come and see what a could see.  Sadly, the moon was out, which pretty much totally stuffs up the sky, but it was still good fun and you could see Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, Mars and a load of brighter constellations.

I took the camera to see if I could get any photos…

I need to read some books on star photography cos the images were a bit ordinary, but you get the idea..

**edit – I had a little play with layers and blends in Photshop – here’s before

milky way

And after the blend in PhotoShop


2 Comments on “my god, its full of stars..

  1. Whoops…I only know that quote from a Doug Anthony Allstars song, I’ve never seen 2001, A Space Oddessy *blush* but then, I get creeped out thinking aboutt he lyrics to David Bowie’s Space Oddity about floating in a tin can and well…what was my point?

    Ahh stars! Well are you after shiny dot stars or star trails?


  2. *waves* . . I can confirm it was out in the yard 2 weeks ago admiring the moons of Jupiter. Or dots of jupiter to be precise . . . :o)

    . . . still searching for a “dark spot” so I can actually have a good look but I’m guessing the stars aren’t going to go anywhere too fast :o) Not a bad pic though, I tried with a standard camera and it came out black . . black . . black . . which is the one thing it wasn’t!!


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