Bloody hellfire, the internet harbours the best and worst in people.

Forums, facebook and youtube (and I said this before) are traditionally the very worst examples of this, with slanging matches starting within minutes of people posting something.  These arguments are usually childish in nature and often involve a total lack of interpersonal skills or ability to participate in rational argument.

When a person resorts TO TYPING IN CAPITALS or just repeating the same thing over and over, especially when combined with escalating insults or rudeness, you know you’ve met the internet troll.

Shouting, caps, insults, straw man arguments (where you bring in an unrelated topic to the central argument, usually an emotional one and use that to debate with), ad hominem (personal) attacks – all things that indicate that a person cannot formulate an argument, cannot debate facts and lacks the openness of mind to be able to assess the scope of an issue.

More importantly, especially when the person resorts to insults or rudeness, this, to me, indicates a potentially serious issue with anger and loss of control, especially when they are a repeat offender.

The Internet, home of the Troll, just hope you don’t meet one in the street.

3 Comments on “Internetiquette

  1. thats the thing with the net, you NEVER see them in real life! all keyboard warriors are are easy to shut up when face to face. hence they go to town when faced only with a non-retaliating screen!


    • For the most part, I’d totally agree with you – generally they make me laugh, particularly the comments on Perth Now – they are hilarious. The incident I’m bitching about though I really do wonder if the vitriol would actually happen in person too. Its just a shame, I thought they were a friend, but no friend ever speaks to another like that, so, delete, block, move on!

      Its very sad – I don’t know if you’ve had any bad experiences, but it really leaves a bad taste in your mouth for the whole day. Ah well, onwards and upwards – there’s plenty of really great people about too, and after all, the internet is how I met Jay, which ended up being one of the best things ever.


  2. I think a red whine (wine) Thursday/Friday sounds a good idea. Go find a good one, maybe you’ll find somebody you can chat with about wine.


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