Red Wine Wednesday

Yes, its that time of the week already!

Its Wednesday Wine of the Week

So, wine lovers, I have a delight for you today

A cleanskin (unbranded) wine from the Haughton Vineyard in Perth.  Wine producers sometimes find they have too much wine for a given vintage and don’t want to devalue their brand by flooding the market, so sell it on unbranded at big discounts – this one was $8 (cheap) and is excellent value.

Shiraz (or Syrah outside of Australia) is a slightly spicy peppery wine with a round finish.  Its quite a complex flavour, softer than a Merlot (which can be quite heavy and harsh) but a lot more full on than a Pinot Noir or a Cab Sav.

They’re sort of similar to the Riojas in some ways, rich and earthy, but with more dark purple colour, more deep dark fruit (plum, blackcurrent) and bite than a Rioja.

This particular one is excellent – its really full on, very peppery and full flavoured but still has plenty of subtle undertones.

It’s pretty much the perfect weekday wine for me 🙂

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