Summer in England 2015 – part 2: rowing on the river at Tonbridge

The next day was overcast and had rain forecast, but we’re made of tough water resistant English stock – no hiding inside for us!

We had wanted to hire a boat and cruise down the river at Tonbridge, but the exchange rate was terrible and my $AU are now worth about 30% less in £GBP than last year, so we had to downscale our ambitions a little bit.   Read More

Summer holiday in England – part 3

The kids were a bit bored and we were struggling to think of something to do. As I was looking at the map I had an idea. I’d been reading Topsy and Tim books to Henry at night (books I and my sisters had as children) and one of them involved boats and locks and stuff.

The river Medway isn’t too far away and I thought a little walk along in the sunshine would be good. The kids were all ‘oh, Daddy, do we have to, it looks rubbish’ – but sometimes as a parent you have to be firm. So that was it – Ella had the map, we had a 20 minute drive to where I wanted to go and we were off. It was a lovely day but rain was forecast in the late afternoon, so I planned it so we should be back in good time before risking getting wet. Read More

Brisbane – Part 2

Well well – thanks to being featured on WordPress ‘freshly pressed’, I’ve had about a billion views, comments, likes and subscriptions on this blog compared to the usual regular trickle.   So many new faces – thank you all for coming 🙂

I suppose you’re all expecting frequent new and exciting content aren’t you?  Hope I don’t disappoint!

Anyhoo, after a busy day working, I had an hour so before sunset (which, here in Queensland, is really quite early – 6:45pm – even in mid summer) – so I grabbed the camera and went for a walk

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