Brisbane – Part 2

Well well – thanks to being featured on WordPress ‘freshly pressed’, I’ve had about a billion views, comments, likes and subscriptions on this blog compared to the usual regular trickle.   So many new faces – thank you all for coming 🙂

I suppose you’re all expecting frequent new and exciting content aren’t you?  Hope I don’t disappoint!

Anyhoo, after a busy day working, I had an hour so before sunset (which, here in Queensland, is really quite early – 6:45pm – even in mid summer) – so I grabbed the camera and went for a walk

The view from the hotel isn’t that brilliant – this was taken at about 5am before work – yes, I know, I’m too good to you!   This looks south over Anzac Square and through the central business district towards the river.

The city itself is very new, but there are plenty of older buildings scattered about and the street layout reminds me of Melbourne.  Luckily there’s not too much of the dreary 60’s and 70’s concrete that blight so many cities.  There is still some of that sneaking in here and there though..

There’s a cast aluminium sculpture on the way to the office – representing the early drovers that used to move cattle the long distances from the cattle stations to the market or from feed/water locations

Outside the hotel is Anzac Square with the permanent flame to commemorate the war dead.  Its actually a pretty cool monument, done in Roman style.  There’s a big park behind it which is well used by the locals, with plenty of them hanging out after work, barefoot on the grass.

Lots of fat boab trees in the park – this one was covered in carved graffiti

Further up the road, I noticed this – Koala house.  Cute.  I like the brick turn of the century warehouse buildings.  There are quite a few in the city – well preserved and re-purposed for offices, shops or appartments.

  I l

Just by the Brisbane river are some massive Moreton Bay fig trees – they’re pretty unusual things with a huge buttressed base and extra roots hanging down from the branchesthat help prop up the canopy.  When I walked back, it was dark and the tree was full of giant black fruit bats.

This part of the city is full of new shiny buildings, one of which is the sister building to the QV1 tower in Perth, sharing many of the same features and an idential foyer.

Brisbane is quite a green city with trees everywhere..

The day was heavily overcast and the Brisbane River looked very muddy and brown due to the extra water from heavy rains inland earlier in the week.  The city blends seamlessly into the riverfront – the planners having made good use of the space to create an open walkway with restaurants and bars.

There’s still plenty of old buildings scattered around – this is the beautifully preserved Customs House

The original wall of the old customs building.

I walked along the footpath a fair way, sharing the evening withj the joggers, cyclists and commuters.  Looking back at the modern city centre, it’s clear that how well old has been blended with new.

Some of the detailing along the riverside walk was interesting

Looking back towards the city.

After an excellent meal at one of the riverside restaurants, the day turned to night and the city came to life with lights, including the iconic Story Bridge

Thats it for my walk yesterday – I have some plans to explore the Southbank this afternoon, we’ll see how it goes – stay tuned anyway, there’ll be more pics soon!

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    • I’ll try to get some more photos of it – was very interesting! There are lots of little bits like that in the city I need to capture!


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