garden antics

You may have guessed that I rather like gardening. There’s something very satisfying in getting nature to bend to my will. I’m kidding myself, its more like nature doing what the hell it pleases and me carving a little order within it all.

We got given a load of big outdoor pots by Jay’s parents a few weeks back as they were moving to a place with much less garden. The trouble with pots here is that the summer is very dry and hot and they would need watering every day or they’d be frazzled really quickly. And ideally, this means irrigation (again).

As luck would have it, there’s a valved riser by the patio that I guess was meant for this kind of thing, so yesterday I popped off to the hardware store for piping and drip sprinklers, potting compost, plants, flowers etc to get it all hooked up and looking nice.

I had to go back this morning (at 7:30am as it turned out, thanks to the fookin’ dog that started yapping and carrying on at 6:30 so I had to get up) for a couple of parts that I needed, but was back in time to have it all done and dusted before 11am.

So here, for your viewing pleasure, is some of my garden so far – there is still muuuuch work to be done though, which will keep me happy and busy throughout the summer.

This new grass may not look like much, but its growing really fast

new grass

Pipes go up the wall, along the pergola, down the upright and along the ground.


The patio is starting to look nice at last. We have a grape vine that is busy growing over the top of the patio – hopefully it’ll look all Mediterranean before too long.

irrigation pipe

howdy neighbour

as I was clearing away some of the garden rubbish out the front, the neighbours across the road came out to potter about their front garden before going on an evening stroll, as is their want every night.

They are a retired couple, probably in their early 70s and they have a lovely house and garden. I decided to walk over and say hi.

And they’re lovely, so friendly with a good sense of humour. I can tell the previous owners and tenants of my house have been neglectful of it in the past as their questions are subtly directed at what I’ve done to the house garden so far, what I’m doing now and what I’m going to do.

The garden is in a bit of a flux state right now – my hacking back, pruning, digging and irrigation repairs has probably made the garden look worse than it did a few months ago – especially the front lawn after I had 3 big trees taken out and am in the middle of a serious weed and feed blitz.

The neighbours make no secret they are pleased I’m working on making it look good (it was so neglected when we bought the house) and promise to come over sometime with cuttings of plants from their garden

I feel a little bit more a real part of things here after that..