So, you’ve all been wondering about the wedding (well, mostly Lauren 🙂 ) – so here goes..

Well, it was amazing.   It flew past so quickly though as I knew it would, but I have some awesome memories from the day

We held it outside by the lake as we had wanted, it was only 30 degrees so not too hot.

Henry was the first to walk down from the house to the gazebo by the lake, followed by Ella then Piper, Anja, Larissa then Jay, escorted by her Dad.

Jay looked amazing, so beautiful, I’m sure any photos of me would just have me grinning like a loon 🙂

The service was short and sweet, I loved the vows and the exchange of rings – I just remember focussing on Jay’s big blue eyes and grinning lots

The kids did us proud, Henry was so good, standing by either Pete or me very patiently and the girls looked and behaved beautifully

We walked up to the house after the ‘I will’s’

and had some champers and did some formal photos. It started to heat up a bit at this point – over 30 degrees in a suit or wedding dress is pretty warm.

We did a load of pics with Shelly from Smile Photography, then went for a 10 minute chill before making our grand entrance for the reception.

The food was lovely, they catered for Jay with a lovely vegan dish, but she was a bit hot to eat much.

We did the speeches after dinner was over, eating up our bar tab with more champers – *hic*. My speech went ok, my voice was totally shot from the virus I picked up from either my sister, my kids or the plane earlier in the week, so I had to keep it really short.  Pete, Jay’s ex and my best man (I get on really well with him, he’s a top bloke!) did a wonderfully sincere speech that I’ll never forget.

Then we cut the cake (and very yummy it is too – we have a whole tier left to eat – chocolate mudcake – non nom :))

We did the first dance to ‘little waltz’ by Basia Bullat – check it out if you’ve not heard it – which was lovely – everything just vanished apart from Jay and I slowly twirling for those 3 minutes

The rest of the night was spent chatting everyone, putting Henry to bed and unwinding..

Professional photos will follow in a few weeks or so – here’s a couple that got taken whilst Shelly was doing her thing before the ceremony

All in all, it was a most excellent day and I’m still grinning about it all 🙂

Love you, Jay xx