tiny update

Its been a crap couple of weeks for getting out and about and taking photos cos I’ve been sick.

Yes, the dreaded man-flu.

You know it’s bad when a 4 day weekend with gorgeous 30C sunny days could not even tempt me outside, and then the following week I had to have a day off work.   When you’re paid by the day and don’t get sick leave, this is a very big deal.

Anyway, I *did* get out a few times late last week and again this weekend to take a few photos.  Few being the watchword.

The one thing we have had this week is astonishing sunsets, of which I pretty much missed the action for every one, but the sky shots I did get were still cool.

Outside my house


Shoalwater.  Interesting backstory – Just before taking this – I dropped my keys down the fairing of my bike and stood there like a chump trying to fish them out.  I asked a kindly man who lived across the road to help, but before he could come to my aid with some kind of wire, I managed to wriggle my fingers inbetween the plastic and the radiator (ouch) and get them out.  Note to self – hang on to your damn keys.


Pete and I went out on a ride to Jarrahdale and came back via the beach.  I didn’t take any pics when we were out riding as we didn’t have that much time, but there was time to get a couple of shots of the bikes.  I want twisty roads and we really don’t have very many round here.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 6.16.30 PM

Pete’s Harley


My speed machine, Ninja 250. Ok, not speed.  But it’s good fun to flick around roundabouts and tight corners.


Fun fact of the day:  I actually stuffed these two shots up totally and you can blame the sunset shot above. I had set exposure compensation +2 stops, which tells the camera to overexpose a shot as camera tend to try to average out the bright sun, leaving a dark image.  Sadly, I forgot to unset it, and every shot I took in the bright afternoon light was washed out and massively over exposed.  Bugger.  I recovered a couple of shots enough to show on here anyway.   I forgot my own rule – always check the camera settings before going out.

Well, that’s it for now – hope to bring you a tale or two before the end of the week.

Have a good week everyone.

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