As regular readers would probably recall, I grew up in Kent (south east England) and it’s still a very special place for me, especially in the summer.

You see, I had great summers in Kent.

As a kid, we had endless hot summers, playing in the garden to the smell of freshly cut grass.

As a teenager, I had more freedom and I remember mountain biking down the bridleways and paths, hanging out with my friends in pub beer gardens, walking through hot and dusty fields and generally having a good time.

As an adult – well, I didn’t really live in Kent much, but coming back, I loved walking through the woods with my kids, having pub lunches and visiting the beautiful towns.

Before I went back to Australia and finished this trip, I had a few hours out with the camera for pure indulgence.

So there you go (and there I go for another summer) – this is rural Kent.  Just 30 minutes on the train from London, minutes from the London orbital motorway, the M25, but you’d never know, it could be miles from anything and anyone.

4 Comments on “Kent

  1. ” it could be miles from anything and anyone”

    That’s one of the reasons I like living in Perth – it’s quick to get out of the city and away from people. But you knew that 🙂

    I look at these photos and I can’t help but think of all the Enid Blyton books that describe a countryside just like this.

    What crop is it, in the second last photo?


    • Thats the difference between Perth and England – England only gives you the illusion of being miles from anywhere, in Perth, you really can be!

      The Kent countryside really is magical – where my family is from, it’s the stark chalk downs, the greensand scarp with beech woodland and the wooded valleys that make it so special. That and the big castles, of which there are a great many.

      I think it was a corn field – I’m not sure, I hopped over a fence with a menacing no trespassing sign and didn’t hang around for too long 😉


  2. Those fiekds remind me of home near my grandmothers birth place. It’s funny when you can be reminded of great memories just by a single photograph. I am so used to the country side here in the US, that I love this place. The land just looks amazing. Wonderful photos as always 🙂


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