Once in a while (ok, often) it’s nice to go out for a proper breakfast.Ā  It’s gorgeously sunny today and we had a few errands to run that were tantalisingly close to the foreshore and it’s array of cafes šŸ™‚

We started out just going for coffee, but it was brunch time and one thing led to another..

Non nom!Ā  A vegan breakfast for Jay and an egg free regular breakfast for me.

We didn’t go for much of a walk afterwards as Jay thought it was chilly (it’s pretty much the same temp here in the late autumn/early winter as it is in the summer in the UK at the moment)Ā  – she feels it way more than I do.Ā  I suspect it’s my hardy outdoor man of the mountains type demeanour *cough*

Either that or she’s gone soft.

I’m not saying that in earshot – keep it to yourselves, ok?

We’ve slumped on the sofa all afternoon and probably will continue to do so all evening – It’s nice to relax.

In case you think we’re being lazy – there’s 4 loads of washing outside on the line, the floors are all swept and I dug some weeks up in the garden.Ā  So ner! :p

7 Comments on “Breakfast

    • Hey Jenny šŸ™‚
      Haha – we are cute, its true! LOL!

      Soy mocha – nom nom! I’ve been on the black coffees for a few weeks to encourage a little more weight to evaporate, and now it has, its all going to come back!


  1. Haha looks like my brekky essay was contagious =) The water looks lovely down there. And I agree. Cute couple.

    Is that rock on your hand big enough Jay? =D


    • Lol, I’m always open to an upgrade Kell šŸ˜‰

      The best thing about my rock is that he chose it all by himself!


    • It was šŸ™‚ We only went out for coffee – this happens a lot – perhaps we should go for breakfast and end up only having coffees!

      I thought she warranted a big rock – she’s proved me right!


  2. Charlie.. you better hope your beautiful wife doesn’t read what you wrote lol. But both breakfast plates look amazing. And I love the photo. You’ve really slimmed down.. Great job šŸ™‚


    • Thanks Kay šŸ™‚ – ha, she always reads everything, she knows I’m only kidding (well, thats *my* story..)

      I need to get an updated self portrait – I’ve been pretty sick for the last 2 or 3 weeks and haven’t been my usual handsome self – give me another few weeks and hopefully I’ll get the chance!


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