So as you all know by now, it was my birthday and I got an awesome camera.

Well, as tradition has it, I’ve been taking photos left right and centre – wife, children, pets, outside, everything.  Nothing is safe.  I’d do the same with the big cameras too, but it’s more fun with the little sneaky silent one – muhahah!

Its a long weekend for Foundation Day here in Western Australia – yes, 1829 the Swan River colony was founded.

Wifey – very serious.

It was sunny out..

We had yummy Indian food 🙂

Big ‘un was bored..

Little ‘un bought a hat

I stripped down my old mountain bike ready for sandblasting and refinishing.

Mended my old vintage suspension forks (from 1993)

Then, in the evening, the kitty curled up to keep warm

Thats it for now – nothing earth shattering or majorly arty or anything, but still – its a nice weekend.

I’m off to light the fire, its chilly and our toes are cold.

4 Comments on “Weekend

  1. Mmmm, onion baji. So good!

    The photos of the girls are lovely, in spite of the big ‘un’s boredom. As for the little ‘un and her hat – mad as a box of frogs!


  2. Your wife looked like she was going to hurt you for taking that photo of her lol. Loved that photo. I also loved the Indian food, the kids photos, and the cat. You might as well say I loved the entire post lol.


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