Birthday boy

It was my birthday last week

I’m a whole 40 years old now. I don’t really feel it. Or, according to my colleagues at work, really look it either (although I have a wokey eye today thanks to a rogue cat hair).  I had to work, which was a bit of a downer, but I did get to celebrate a little bit after work for a cheeky drink and then at home later for some presents.

Anyway, 40 it is, like it or not.

My family got me a really cool gift

I have a camera for every occasion, digital SLR, medium format film, 35mm film, polaroid, plastic toy camera. But what I don’t have is a little digital point and shoot to put in my bag and take everywhere.

Well, now I do and it’s awesome.  A Panasonic LX5.  Its way cool.

And they then took me out for lunch at the weekend at a very expensive Indian restaurant.  Oh man it was good!  The food was fantastic!

In the evening, I got to talk to my sister and nephew and niece, my parents and my lovely children on skype.

So a good birthday then 🙂

6 Comments on “Birthday boy

  1. Yes it was lovely to talk to you too. Glad you had a good birthday. xx


    • Thanks! I’m not going to have a mid life crisis – I don’t need a sports car or additional women – I have what I need right here 🙂


  2. Happy belated birthday! Gotta love receiving camera gear for one’s birthday. This time, the Panasonic, next time, an M9? 😉


    • Thanks 🙂 I’m now officially an old man *weeps*
      I love my new little camera – its very cool – for what I want, it’s as good to me as an M9 or X100. Ok, maybe not an M9..


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