new toys

I just bought some new stuff for my camera as I’m very interested in long exposure shots.

I got a B&W ND110 filter reduces light by 10 stops so enables long exposures during the day (interesting, but not *that* useful) or more importantly, longer exposures at or around sunset.

The longer the shutter is open on the water/rock/beach sunsets that I like, the smoother the water and the sky become. So focus onto something nice and sharp, like a jetty or a bold rock and set the camera to take a shot for 5 minutes, you’ll get (hopefully) amazingly smooth looking landscapes which tend to convert well to black and white.

I had a little go today, but I didn’t get anything totally fab, just the slight oddness of a daytime shot with smooth waves over rocks.

I need loads more practice, but at least I have something to aim for.

take a look at these guys if you have time

Some target, eh? πŸ™‚

2 Comments on “new toys

  1. Oops! I ended up leaving you a comment on your one photo when I meant to leave it here, but all these pictures look fab. πŸ™‚


    • hehe – thats ok πŸ™‚ they’re interesting, but not what I really bought the filter for – now I have my remote timer I can do the night time 5 minute long exposures – look out on the weekend for the first batch. and in answer to your question – we’re doing fine, thanks!


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