getting old

I’m suddenly noticing how fast my kids, my daughter in particular, are growing up.

I was looking at photos on Flickr and its really clear how much Ella has grown since I left the UK. Not that much time has passed really, 18 months or so, but in that time, she’s changed loads. I don’t notice it in myself that much, I don’t really feel any different, except my beard and hair are a little greyer than they were, but to see her looking so small brought it home.

I’ll be 40 in just over a year. Thats scary. I remember going to a friends stepfathers 40th birthday party when I was 18. I can’t be that age!! Its insane!

One Comment on “getting old

  1. I’ll let you into a little secret, Charlie, that no-one told me. Your body ages but the essential you/soul/spirit doesn’t. You find you spiritually stay at a certain age and forget that others can only see the packaging and not the ‘real’ you. It scares young folks! :)))


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