Red Wine Wednesday

Hooooo yes folks, its Wednesday already, so its time to take a bottle of plonk from the wine cellars at Watkins Manor and educate the vino Luddites of the world.

Todays wine:  Pinot Noir

A good Pinot is a delight.  Its a soft and relatively light red wine, full of light juicy blackcurrenty and cherry type flavours.  It is very flavoursome without being heavy, having a velvety smoothness to it.  It doesn’t have that rich dark oaky head and tannin depth to it that a Rioja or Merlot might have.  Its a great wine to drink on its own or with light food.

This Wolf Blass specimen is a pretty good one.  Nice and smooth, no really deep earthy tones or lingering tannins, just a rich, clean, smooth tasty red.

I’ve had better, but paid a lot more for the privilege.

Its a pretty good red to start on actually, smooth and not acidic or laden with tannins – they actually use the grape for Rose’s and even Champagne sometimes, so that gives you some idea of the clarity of the taste.