Spring into Summer

Bit slack on this blog!

I’ve been a bit hit and miss on the old fitness plan after picking up a back injury lifting wood over winter and then after getting a good solid restart during early spring, came unstuck again – probably a disk herniation this time given the pain and sciatica – that was a hellish month or so.

But after about 4 weeks, I started moving it again and after 8 weeks it’s healed and now it’s all systems go again!

So, spring in this part of the world is rather lovely – the place is so colourful and lush after the winter rains, but we still get some warm sunny days.

Actually, Spring as a western construct doesn’t apply quite so well here! I’ve mentioned this before – Aboriginal people, having lived here for however many tens of thousands of  years, had identified 6 seasons in this area and Spring is really 2 distinct seasons.

So the Noongar people have these 6 seasons.

Birak (approx. Dec-Jan): First summer
Dry and hot. The afternoons are cooled by the sea breezes that abound from the southwest.

Bunuru (approx. Feb-Mar): Second summer
The hottest part of the year with little to no rain.  Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons close to the coast.  Bunuru is a time of white flowering gums in full bloom.

Djeran (approx. Apr-May): Cool and pleasant
The winds lessen in their intensity to generally light breezes swinging from southerly directions.  Djeran is a time of red flowers especially from the Red Flowering Gum.

Makuru (approx. Jun-Jul): The first rains
The coldest and wettest time of the year with more frequent gales and storms.  Traditionally, this was a good time of the year to move back inland from the coast as the winds turned to the west and south.

Djilba (approx. Aug-Sept): The second rains/Growing season
A mixture of wet days with an increasing number of clear, cold nights and pleasant warmer days. Djilba is a transitional time of the year, with some very cold and clear days combining with warmer, rainy and windy days.

Kambarang (approx. Oct-Nov): Wildflower season
Longer dry periods and a warm change.  There is an abundance of colourful flowers, the reptiles start to awaken from their hibernation, and Magpies protect their nests.

We definitely can see these seasons – for example Bunuru is literally just around the corner – last year at this time the forest erupted in those pale yellowy white marri and gumtree flowers.

Anyways, enough prattling – heres some pics since September – running, outside, house, dog, flowers and general feel good things.

Doggie – he’s grown so big now.  Over the last few months he’s worked out how to use his size to run fast too – he’s suddenly faster than our rottie.  _20180901_122326

Spring flowers.  love how the whole area comes to life!20180916_11342220180916_11555920180916_120655

Walking in Ellis Brook Valley – 60 Foot falls was a nice change of scenery and so many wildflowers.  Great city views too. 20181020_08384020181020_08410720181020_08423020181020_08473520181020_09002920181020_091312

The garden also comes to life – it’s so green and lush during the spring months 20181028_16035820181028_160414

We have lots of blue tongue lizards too – they talk a good game, but they’re harmless and easily relocated to the bush behind the house where the dogs’ curiosity can’t scare them!DSC_0419

We discovered we had loquats!  we had no idea!  So tasty20181110_112846

The agapanthus go crazy in November!20181202_154746

Out walking and running on the trails – everything is green and lush with water in the brook and the falls in full flow.  No dust and the whole place smells amazing.  This is the best time of year to enjoy the forest in my opinion. DSC_0282DSC_0284DSC_0292DSC_0297DSC_0305DSC_0304DSC_0368DSC_0369

Jarrahdale looks amazing on those warm spring days – the grass is a carpet of tiny wildflowers and the wattle trees with their vibrant yellows.DSC_0384DSC_0389DSC_0390DSC_0393

In the garden, it’s lemon season – which means lemon lime bitters, gin and tonics and vodka tonics with fresh lemon.  Perfect!DSC_0398

Views off the deck – wet and misty and everything flowering!DSC_0408DSC_0422

Out running – between injuries, I’m finally getting some pace up.  Sub 25, I’ll get you!20181111_123338strava197430811854810132420181027_075243-1

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