Summer in England 2018 – Cambridge and Flying Home

After I dropped Henry off back at his place and said my goodbyes, I popped into Cambridge to see a good buddy of mine

What’s funny is

  • she’s an Aussie who I’ve known online for years, but I had to wait to get England to meet her for the first time as she moved to Brisbane before we could catch up!
  • she’s only been in Cambridge for a few months, but she acted as my guide (even though been in and around Cambridge many times, I’ve hardly ever stopped there, and never as a tourist

Cambridge is a beautiful old university town with grand old colleges and vast open green spaces.

We had lunch at a fantastic sushi restaurant and then went exploring.

First stop, the Fitzwilliam Museum – an utterly amazing place and a must visit in my opinion


The inside is extraordinary and is a delight before you see any of the treasures inside.
Best of all – its free. founders-entrance_1.jpgDSCF5907

It even has MonetsDSC_0204DSC_0208

And a ConstableDSC_0205

And some TurnersDSC_0206

And an amazing Egyptology and Antiquities section.  Seems they robbed most of the ancient world of artefacts… :-/


We had a little walk about around the city – we really were too busy nattering and having a laugh to take a lot of photos, but here are a few of the city..  Amazing place.


And all too soon, I was back on the Dreamliner, in the air over Heathrow and heading the 17 hours back to Perth. DSC_0265DSC_0266DSC_0268

Arriving – Rottnest Island just off the coast of Perth


And thats it – there are a few other pics, but they can wait for a different post for a different reason,

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