Summer in England 2017 – part 5 – rowing on the river Medway

We’d done this before, but we decided to go to Tonbridge and hire a rowing boat and row around the river.

It was a much nicer day than last time (it rained on us before!) and Ella being a bit older this time, took the oars and rowed us around!

Its not super far around the little loop of the Medway – 2km, but the boats arent fast and it takes around an hour.  Its such a nice thing to do!

The river isn’t very wide in places and due to some poor calls from me, we did have a few encounters with the bank and a few trees, but mostly, Ella kept it totally straight and we just dipped the oars gently all the way around.

Then we bought cookies from the park food van and played on the exercise equipment.

Simple, good, inexpensive fun.


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