Exercising free time

Perhaps it should be exorcising.  It’s certainly banishing some demons, thats for sure.

So, coming back to my post about free time, it’s been a few months since I started to change the way I use my time by placing restrictions on my computer, device and internet time and things are going really well.

I’m using my time far more effectively, more responsibly and am achieving a lot more for myself and my family. 

The household chores are now my responsibility, which leaves a lot more time for Jay to do her art.  I usually manage to get all the chores done every evening – clean the kitchen, clean the bathroom and sweep all the floors.

Weekends, Jay and I make a chore list – I dont have computer access until way into the afternoon to waste my time on – so things get done – cleaning, dusting, mopping, lawns, windows, blinds, washing and those odd jobs that never get done otherwise.

The other thing is exercise.

I get home from work and its a couple of hours before I get internet access, so I go for a walk or cycle.

On the weekend, as internet access is disabled until much later in the day there’s no point trying to catch up with news (which is just crap anyway) or noodle the day away, so I go for a long walk or ride early, usually around 6:30 am before the beach paths get busy, plus I need to leave time for chores!

All this has been a revelation.  I’ve done more than ever, the house is much cleaner, I’ve lost 6kg and can feel myself getting fitter.  I’ve seen more of the day (paricularly first thing in the morning on the weekends) and have spent more time with the family, watched TV, taken photos – so many things!

So – heres a load of pics taken on my walks – at dawn or in the evenings at sunset.   And more recently, I’m back on the mountain bike.  I am finding cycling harder given the limited use I still have of my left leg after my motorbike accident 18 months ago.  Even though in the scheme of things it is relatively minor, I still have ups and downs of coping with permanent loss of nerve and muscle function and get frustrated (today being one of those days) but I refuse to give up.

Best walk so far – 12km.
Fastest walk – 7kph
Best ride so far – 22km.
Fastest ride – 19kph

All pictures taken within about 10km of where I live, just south of Rockingham, Western Australia.



3 Comments on “Exercising free time

  1. 6kgs is very impressive! Cutting down on internet time is also is good!


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