Experiments with motion

Timing is everything.

Usually, work and my commute dictate my timetable and I don’t get an opportunity to get to the beach with the camera, but weekends are a different story.

And as luck would have it today, timing lined up perfectly and I got down to the beach with the versatile little X100T to take some abstract sunset pictures.  

I took lots of shots and processed them a variety of different ways to try to bring out the details in the ocean, but the ones that I think looked best were on the green/blue end of the spectrum (which is a little different to the true colour – check out the featured image at the head of this post for a snap of the bay without any motion or colour processing.

I know these are all similar, but look closely – each one has it’s own unique mix of colour, tone and texture.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

DSCF2586    DSCF2603 DSCF2605 DSCF2606 DSCF2616  DSCF2641   DSCF2657DSCF2651

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