England Summer 2013, Part 7 – if you go down to the woods today

So, you’ll all no doubt be aware that the woods are my absolute favourite place in the world.  I grew up a few minutes walk from there and spent all my free time exploring as soon as I was allowed to go on my own.

So when I go back to see the kids, we have to go there.  It’s the law.

And besides, what better for kids than to get outside, go for a long walk, explore, learn some history, learn about trees and animals that live there, hear some stories from my own childhood and generally, well, just be kids, something that is increasingly hard these days.

I love that I can share just a little bit of what I find special and I love that they find it special too.

I don’t really have a lot more to add to this post other than the photos.   I hope you take the time to see in them something of what I see.


My parents have pretty much the same photo of me climbing through the same hole in the tree at the same age.



Here’s the pics from last year.  It’s amazing how quickly kids grow up!




2 Comments on “England Summer 2013, Part 7 – if you go down to the woods today

  1. Great photos! They look so happy to be running around, and exploring! I love the photo of you when you were younger, and then another photo of the same tree with the kids. Amazing!


    • Hey Cara – thanks for stopping by. Kids need to do kid stuff – I see so many kids just stuck on their iDevices and missing out on all this. And parents – this day cost me $0. But was priceless. I love that there’s a little place in the world that my family history can focus around – the tree wont be there forever, and it’s changing slowly and surely, but for couple of generations more at least – it’s going to be a fixture!


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