Back to England – part 7

So, we went off to the woods to see about building a den.

I spent my childhood building dens and camps and shelters in these woods, so I was quick to lead them off to build something amazing.  As luck would have it, only a short way into the woods there was a den already started, with a good top piece and a lot of wood collected already, it just needed fixing up and extending.On the way, Ella found a rope swing, but the rope was old and frayed and I really didn’t want to be picking her up off her head.

Pretty cool, huh?  We played a bit, the kids hid in the den when it rained a little and we did a whole lot more jumping through the hole in the tree.  Just the way an afternoon should be spent!

Then we found a springy branch, which with no effort, could lift Henry clean off his feet.  Awesome!

Next up – a day out at the Historic dockyards, Chatham.

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