Fuji X100

I think it was about 18 months ago that I bought my wife a new camera.  She’d been complaining that she never used the DSLR as it was too big and wanted a super cool point and shoot that still felt like a ‘real’ camera.

So I bought her a Fuji X100.

The coolest retro digital camera ever.

Jay loved it and took some awesome photos with it, but she really doesn’t take many photos anymore, preferring to draw instead.

So I am now free to borrow it.  Huzzar!

I went to the park with Piper and some friends who life just around the corner and thought that might be a good chance to have a play.

Its a funny device – lots has been written about it’s quirks, odd menu system and slightly slow operation.   But even more has been written about the incredible pictures that it generates straight out of the camera.  Where I shoot in RAW mode with the Nikon and the LX5 to get the best out of the images, the X100 produces fantastic JPEGs that require little or no tweaking to get the best out of them.  It’s a camera that you have to work a little bit to get the best out of it, but it really delivers.

It’s a fixed focal length (no zooming in and out here) with a manual aperture adjustment on the lens just like on old school lenses.  But inside, its packed with fantastic electronics and an excellent sensor.

So here’s some photos….

Piper, pulling hipster faces.


Macro mode.


Playing basketball in the park.  The camera is no sports speed machine – but if you pre-focus, it does just fine if you’re not in an hurry to take hundreds of shots.


Macro mode again.  Smooth.


So there you have it.  The Fuji X100.  A pretty awesome little camera.

I might have to borrow it again 😉

2 Comments on “Fuji X100

  1. The X100 is AMAZING. I wish I had the cash to go and buy one, the sensor is absolutely amazing, it has such dynamic range and gives breathtaking colours. I’m sure that she is chuffed with it!


    • It is a very nice camera despite its quirks. It’s just too slow to be the only camera I’ll ever use, but work around that, especially if you pre-focus, it’s awesome. My wife just decided she didn’t enjoy taking photos like I do, which means she’s given the camera to me 🙂 Boo yar!


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