And another thing…

Just when you thought it was safe to come back..


I know.  It’s a bit of a cheek really, as I already had all these shots ready to go last week, but held them back a I didn’t want that last post to be endlessly massive.

But I care not one jot, you all love me anyway, right?

Its been a good week – work has been pretty intense but in a good way.  I am finding that I’m struggling a bit to focus 100% as I’m still throwing off this stupid flu/cold/virus thing, but so far I’m managing ok.   My work involves a lot of thinking and application of experience to solve complex problems and I find that can be quite severely impacted by a stuffed up head!  Next week I have lots of deadlines and things that have to be presented to other teams, so hopefully it all comes together!

I’ve also ridden my bike to work every day, which has been cold as I mentioned in the last post, but so much fun.  It’s 55km each way (35 miles or so, for you imperialists) and the traffic can be heavy, but it’s a great way to get to where you need to go in about as much freedom as you can get these days.

Whilst I’m loving my little bike, it’s is not quite fast enough, especially at traffic lights, so I have to be careful if I filter to the front that there’s not a bogan (non Aussies, click on the link) moron in a V8 that is going to grand pirx race.  I had one do just that yesterday as I gently filtered through the traffic up to the white line.  I could see his ute, the rear window stickers and wheels (alloys at the front, steels at the back – better to do burnouts with – save the good tyres for best) so I just slipped in behind him and lo and behold, he wails off the line in clouds of rubber as soon as the lights change.  I’m happy to be behind him.

Anyway – on my way home, we’ve had some lovely light again and the little LX5 camera did a pretty good job 🙂


Let me leave you with a panorama of Mangles Bay with the golden sunset behind.


This weekend – it’s bathroom painting time, but hopefully I can get out and take a few pictures somewhere.

What are you all upto?

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