Christmas Eve ride

Hello and Happy Christmas!

It never feels like Christmas;  As someone who grew up in northern hemisphere, Christmas should be cold and snowy.  Ok, we are talking England – grey and rainy.   So when it’s wall to wall sunshine and the temperatures are in the mid to high 30’s C – it just doesn’t feel Christmasy.    It is, however, perfect weather for chilling out and enjoying the time off.

So I went for a ride with Pete..

We decided to checkout the lookout on the hills that we had ridden past last Sunday – via the cafe in Jarrahdale.  The cafe was shut, as was the cafe on the dam, so we rode on anyway with a new plan to stop in Serpentine on the way back.  The roads were deserted and the weather perfect for riding.

DSC_9952 DSC_9953 DSC_9955

The back side of the dam looks out over the forest – all you can see are trees for miles and miles.


The lookout is very sketchy for bikes as it’s just thick gravel, but once parked up, it’s worth the effort.

DSC_9960 DSC_9962 DSC_9965 DSC_9967

Zoomed right in, you can see Perth shimmering in the haze in the distance.  The city is about 60km away from the lookout.


The back of the Kwinana CBH grain terminal (go here and here for recent posts with closer photos of the terminal) shines white against the greens and browns.  HMAS Stirling (Garden Island) naval base is in the distance.


We rode back through Serpentine and had a quick iced coffee before coming home.  Perfercto.


Next up – well, it’s Christmas!

Have a glorious and safe holiday everyone, be grateful for friends and family and above all, make sure they all know you love them 🙂

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