More from Kwinana and Rockingham

The other day I had to go out to choose a new front door from a supplier that has a warehouse in a pretty rough looking industrial zone. The place was amazing and I got what I was looking for pretty quickly, which left me a little bit of time to take a couple of pictures and take the long way home

This is  the QR National Freight railway that runs through the area – it serves the whole of Australia – it brings coal and supplies for the power station and ships out all manner of goodies from the industrial strip.  I couldn’t get any closer, not without asking permission and I didn’t really have time..


I hopped off on the bike to the Rockingham Scenic Drive, which, in places, is really not all that scenic at all..


But it ends up winding past the CBH Grain Terminal – as the day was so still and the clouds were pretty interesting, I couldn’t resist just stopping off for a few more shots of this familiar landmark.  I don’t know about you, but I think it’s actually quite interesting – sure, the coastline would be better off without stuff like this, but as we have to have it (it’s how Western Australia exports grain) – it might as well be bold and blue


Like all the beaches, it’s completely sandy, but due to the recent storms, there was a pretty thick covering of shells.


Looking back up the coast towards Henderson (and the cliffs from the last post) and the heavy industrial strip (that the QR National freight rail ends up snaking around)


And finally back to Rockingham and the gorgeous islands – Penguin Island and Seal Island – these are part of the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.I could have sat there all day, but sadly, I had things to do and places to go!


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