Back to England – part 6

I’m stringing you all out here with my England stories!  Mostly cos I haven’t done anything of any significance since I got back apart from work and buy paint for the bedroom walls.  Aforementioned paint is still safely in its tins – sickness has meant that Chez Charlie has been keeping a low profile for a couple of weeks – a lot of that low profile spent in bed, making painting doubly hard.  Ah well.

Now, where were we.

It was another beauty of an English summer day, so we decided to go for a little walk rather than go on another long drive.  My parents live in a beautiful village, so I thought we should explore some roads we didn’t know and look at the old houses and take in some clean air.The kids took their scooters, but I ended up carrying Henry’s for more than 1/2 of the walk!  Typical!

Anyway – for your enjoyment – here’s some piccies.

And that was that – a little tour around Plaxtol and a couple of hours of exercise that kids get so little of these days.  That wasn’t the end of it either – they wanted more (specifically to build a den), so we walked back down the hill to my parents house and then went out to the woods – which, incidentally, is the next post – stay tuned!


4 Comments on “Back to England – part 6

  1. Hey, I’d forgotten already that it was warm and glorious in August. The last two weeks have shown Uk at it’s worst! Nice photos of old Plaxtol.


    • Hey – there are so many beautiful little gems like this in the Kent Countryside, all complete with village pubs and charm oozing from every idyllic street. I was very lucky to have grown up around there.


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