Red Wine Wednesday – Killibinbin Shiraz 2007

Yes, wine lovers, its that time again!

I almost didn’t remember, but I was home early (well, thats relative – before it got dark, which is a bit of a rare event at the moment!) and the kids were round at their father’s house and I had a moment of mental clarity!

It’s been a relatively dry 10 days since I got back -so I decided to open the last of the Killibinbin wines I got from the good food and wine show in Perth over a year ago.   I don’t have any wine or beer in the house now (save for the lay down expensive dont drink for at least 5 years wines), so I think this weekend will be spent online looking to remedy that!

Anyway – this week we have *drum roll*

Killibinbin 2007 Shiraz (complete with scream face)

I blogged about Killibinbin wines before – check out my review of the wonderful Scaredy Cat

Killibinbin is a brand from Brothers In Arms Wines and really rather splendid wines they are too.  Note to self – they are all gone – order more!!

So, what can I tell you about this wine – well, its fabulous!

Presentation:  Similar to the Scaredy Cat – the 1950′s style horror graphics are fab – this one is perhaps the best of the lot with the screaming girl– utterly awesome!  full marks.

Appearance:   dark cherry crimson colour, totally opaque, which is slightly unusual – a lot of Shriazes (Shirii?)  have some transparency to them.  To some lights, you can the more plum coloured tones that I expect.

Aroma/Smell/Bouquet (lets give it a swirl – glass right in front of me) a pretty intense burst, juicy and quite full on – no messing about! Blackcurrants and plum maybe – certainly dark fruit.  I cant smell the peppery spice that the Barossa Shirazes have.

Taste:   Bam, in your face – juicy friut, intense blackcurrant and jam – very nice.  Quite complex with a hint of something else but I can’t put my finger on it – probably the tannins from the oaking process – something savoury and darkish anyway.  The front and middle are certainly very fruity with a hint of the peppery spice.  Its quite soft though – more like a WA Shiraz, but without the subtlety in the rest of the palate.  There’s a nice smooth almost-vanilla-but-not-quite thing going on before the tone changes and the finish kicks in

Finish:  It finishes off with a tannin laden twist – complete with spicy, almost savoury caramelised fruit dryness with more than a hint of peppery spice, but it’s not a fire breathing South Aussie traditional shiraz, its a bit more subtle and layered than that.   After 30 seconds, there’s still a jammy afterglow, not sweet but savoury and quite smooth.

Verdict:  It’s good!  I think I prefer the other one to be honest, but this Shiraz is hardly a slowcoach slack-jawed wannabe – its really good – I think it would be a fine partner to some nice traditional butcher style sausages or something like that, especially as the finish is largely savoury.

Score:  8.5/10. I really like it – more please!!!

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