back to England – part 3

We went out for Pizza for lunch – my mum and dad’s idea – lots of kids, vigorous exercise and then a treat – can’t much argue with that.

My dad sensibly peeled off from the park early to go back up to the town to book us a a table, but we were sufficiently early that we almost had the place to ourselves.

Not a lot more to be said really – other than sorry about the photo heavy post- what can I say, we had a good time!

The next day, I took the kids to the wildlife reserve – we went there last year and had a good time, even though we got caught in the rain and got soaked!  The kids seem to enjoy that kind of thing, plus it’s free, which is no bad thing!  I love wandering around the lakes and paths, its so quiet, beautiful and although there are other people, its a tucked out of the way bird sanctuary, so they tend to be nice!


Its a beautiful place 🙂  A really long lens would be awesome – so much wildlife and brilliant hides to watch it all from!


Once we got back, the kids decided they wanted to try on my glasses 🙂  I reckon they look cool!

Next up – a walk in the woods

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