Red Wine Wednesday – Killibinbin Scaredy Cat 2007

Greetings one and all!  I trust you’re all having lots of fun out there in your corners of the world.

So, its Wednesday – it’s red wine time!  I’ve had to resort to one of the wines I’ve drunk ‘off wednesday’ as it were because I’m sick again and theres nothing worse than alcohol when you’re ill.

So, without further ado, this week’s wine is *drum roll*

Killibinbin Scaredy Cat 2007 by Brothers in Arms Wineries.Its a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (55%) and Shiraz (45%) which turns out pretty well, especially as they are based in South Australia, the spiritual home of the Aussie Shiraz!

I picked up a case of the Killibinbin wines at the Good Food and Drink Show in Perth last year.  The owners were at the stall and they were really cool, mixing up a case so we could sample a few of each type for us.

So, on with the review

Presentation:  The 1950’s style horror graphics, the name, the fact that the proprietors threw in a giant poster with the same logo – utterly awesome!  full marks.

Appearance:   dark cherry colour, can definitely see the cab sav in it,  but not so dark as a pure one – Shiraz adds a little plum and lightness

Aroma/Smell/Bouquet spicy fruity, slightly zesty – maybe more shiraz on the nose than the cab. Cherry, plum, maybe some cedar.

Taste:   opens soft and smooth, little of the pepper in the initial hit. Dark fruit, well blended and very well balanced.  Opens out to reveal the spicy pepper in the middle.  Actually, this has quite a bit of pepper – which is pretty typical of the south Australian Shiraz. There’s nice tannins here too, lots of character, plus some nice cheek puckering cab sav action

Finish:  It finishes off with some nice relaxed spice and mellows out a vanilla cream smooth finish with hints of cherry chocolate. Nice

Verdict:  I love this wine, it’s very very drinkable, not stupidly expensive for a boutique type wine and the bottle is amazing.  Oh, and I love the vanilla chocolate finish.  I don’t know how a wine can do that!

Score:  9/10. Its very very good.

Get some if you can!

8 Comments on “Red Wine Wednesday – Killibinbin Scaredy Cat 2007

    • Hey Frank – there are plenty of places in the US that stock Killibinbin wines – I just did a little search and found a fair few that sell online and ship. I dunno how easy the 2007 will be to find, but any of them would be worth a sample if you dont mind the cost.


  1. Glad you are enjoying the Killibinbin wines Charlie!! We’ve sold out of the 2007 Scaredy Cat now but the 2008 is now available – 69% Cabernet, 31% Shiraz and all from Langhorne Creek.
    James – GM Killibinbin


    • Hey James! Very nice wines indeed 🙂 I remember hearing that the wines are vegan friendly – i.e. not refined with egg products – is that still the case?

      You guys coming back to Perth for the food and wine show?

      I’ll have to see if I can get hold of any other ones and take the time to review.


  2. Hi,
    Sorry to hear you haven’t been well, I hope all is well now.
    I am not a wine drinker, but you do make the wine sound fantastic, and I love the bottle. 🙂


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