Back to England – part 1

It was time to see the children in England.  I’d booked the flights ages ago – but as the Olympics were on, they were massively expensive and only the less desirable flight times were available.  I worked all day Friday and then caught the flight out at 2am *bleaugh* was a very long day.  I got a bit of sleep, did the 2 hour stop at Singapore and then the next leg – the joyous 14 hour hop to London.

Anyway, it was all good – the airport was unusually quiet and I popped out into arrivals into 32 degree heat – rare for England and almost summer temperature for Perth!  Picked up my hire car and drove to my parents house where my children were waiting for me.

Its always so cool to see my children – I really miss them, even though I talk to them on Skype or FaceTime every other day or so.  There’s nothing better than seeing them in person!  Big hugs and squeezes over, we chill out in the gorgeous summer sunshine!

One of the first things we did was walk up the hill to the village, go buy some ice creams and treats and the hang out in the park for a few hours!  Excellent fun!  The village is very beautiful – lots of old houses and stuff doesn’t change very fast. My parents house was built on the site of an old iron foundry – but the original 14th Century house that was part of it is still there.

The obligatory ‘duck lips’ shots..

This used to be the old primary school – now converted into a house.

Was a lovely day – just relaxing and playing with the kids.  Was really good to catch up on some much needed rest after the flight and also weeks and weeks of flat out work and activity back at home.

Next up:  more from England 🙂

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