I haven’t had to travel for my current job, which has been a bit of a blessing compared to the previous 12 years where I have travelled often and far and wide.

Business travel is not as glam as it is cracked up to be and often involves just very long and unsociable hours, lost weekends and only seeing the inside of the airport, the hotel and the client or office location.

So it was with trepidation that I was sent to Sydney for a week’s training course – thinking that as per usual it would be another tiring week in a location that could be just about anywhere as far as what I would see goes.

I managed to arrange for an early flight to get out here, which meant I had a few hours of daylight left that I could wander about. I didn’t take my big camera out, just the Trip 35 and my iPhone – I figured that all that real touristy stuff could be done another time and preferably with the missus too.

Anyway, here are some purdy pictures

The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Harbour Bridge

Old warehouses in 'The Rocks' area

Darling Harbour

Sydney CBD

Trip 35

Darling Harbour

Carr park

5 Comments on “travel

  1. I want to be there now! I know we have discussed this previously, but what iPhone app is that again? I dl’ed Hipstamatic and love it, but I totally forgot the name of the other one!


    • Its pretty cool – definitely come here on your world tour 😉

      The other two non Hipstamatic apps on this post are ShakeItPhoto (square polaroid type) and TheBestCamera (the one of the Bridge)

      I also love LoMob and Format-126


  2. Nice! I’m looking forward to seeing what your Trip makes of Sydney. And when can we go? WANT! First anniversary?? *cheesy grin*


    • We should go – have to see how much dosh we have in Feb, but its doable.
      Hope the Trip took a few good shots – I’ll get the reel off this week.


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