Brisbane – Part 3

Another day hard at work deserves a little adventure when it’s all done, so I made a beeline for door and went for a long walk.

This time, I turned left out of the office and over the Kurilpa pedestrian footbridge over the Brisbane River and down onto the Southbank.

This might have been a tiny mistake, as I was in my suit and carrying my heavy laptop bag and it was quite warm and humid. Ok, very humid, well, for someone used dry heat.

The things I do to get some photos for you hungry people.  This is quite a long post, so do bear with me!The Kurilpa Bridge is an awesome design, it’s full of angles, beams, trusses, cables and (at night) lights too.  It curves down onto the Southbank, offering wonderful views over the city.  It’s also the largest tensegrity structure in existence.  Look it up – tensegrity is some whacked out self-supporting physics.

Looking from the bridge back to the city you can see the roads and footpaths are all built in to the river on stilts – kinda scary!  I guess that’s one way to increase real estate for infrastructure!

Once over the bridge, there’s a wooden footpath, again, built into river, that winds past the art gallery, state library, universities and what looked like a television studio (ABC?)

Looking back to the city on the north side of the river

Further on up the path, there’s a ‘big’ wheel which, had I had a go, would have given me birds eye view over the city.

Just after the wheel, the area by the river opens up into a series of walks and paths through parts of the performing arts centre, an outdoor pool and parks – it’s very pretty.

The path follows along the river, covered by beautiful trees (not that it matters, the humidity gets you even if the sun doesn’t).  Everyone in Brisbane seems to jog or cycle after work.  I’ve never seen so many people on the move – the city (humidity notwithstanding) is perfectly laid out for it with the paths along the river and through the city parks.

Apparently, Vulture Street was the name of an album by Aussie band ‘Powderfinger’ – I didn’t go to find the actual street as the light was fading and I was miles away from the hotel at this point.

Underneath the Goodwill Bridge is a maritime museum – the most interesting thing in there was the little boat sailed by Jessica Watson in the record-breaking youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe non stop.  For more information, check out her site

As you can see, I’d walked a little way by now (you can just see the crazy Kurilpa Bridge in the far distance)

The Goodwill Bridge crosses the river into the Botanic Gardens that surround the state parliament and the University of Queensland technology campus – it’s very nice thick tropical rainforest with a wooden walkway that, once again, is built into the river and meanders through the trees until it joins up with the city again – you’ll recognise the Story Bridge from the previous post.

And that was that – I still had a 20 minute walk back to the hotel through the city, but it was getting dark and I was hot and hungry, so no more photos!

Hope you enjoyed my little walking tour of Brisbane – stay tuned – there’s still one more day here!

13 Comments on “Brisbane – Part 3

  1. Hi,
    Great post, and nice photos.
    You will find that a lot of people that walk around in Brisbane, usually take a change of cloths with then to work. It is very “normal” to go to work in one set of cloths, once at work, they then change into work cloths, then change back before leaving work. It is just too uncomfortable, with the heat in summer to walk around in a suit. 😀

    I hope you have enjoyed your working visit to Brisbane. 🙂


    • Thanks Mags 🙂
      Brisbane was a very active city – I’m quite impressed! Perth is pretty good, but not like that I don’t think.
      I’m back there in 2 weeks time (once I get back from England) – hopefully I’ll get to do some more exploring.


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