So, I got sent to Sydney.

I wonder, is that a bit like being sent to an Australian version of Coventry? – (which by the way, if you’re not familiar with the expression – being ‘sent to Coventry is an ‘old’ English expression which means to be sent somewhere bad).

All good fun you may think, I get to large it up on company expenses, stay out all night drinking and partying and can snore all night long in a hotel bed that gets made for me every morning.


Well, actually, not awesome.

The sad reality of being away from home and staying in a hotel on my own means meals for one, working late (*its 11:30pm and I’m still working) and eventually sending for mediocre (actually, I’ve just ordered butter chicken curry, and it’s not too bad) room service as I’ve kind run out of enthusiasm for yet another trip out to find food.


The other think I don’t like is that the hotel I’m staying in is a good walk from the office.  About 30 mins to be exact.  And Sydney is very humid.


Anyway, its not all doom and gloom – well, actually, thats not true – its is all doom and gloom – its been terribly overcast here so far – thick cloud, heavy rain, thunderstorms etc.  So I’ve been somewhat stunted in my ability to take any photos.  Well, that and the long work hours.

I did get a few shots on my first day here, before the heavens opened and the mother of all storms rolled in – so, here, for your viewing pleasure are some photos 🙂

weird stormy skies from my hotel room

Apocalypse Sydney


convention centre

morning skies from my hotel room

Darling Harbour at night

So, there you g0 – its either work or shots from my hotel – hopefully tomorrow it might be sunny and I can take some photos of a nice bright city…

3 Comments on “Sydney

  1. Cool, so it looks like you have a pretty nice suite at the Novotel then? =)
    You’re in luck…just across that bridge there is a Lindt cafe. Yes, there is a God. At least there was one there 3years ago. Failing that, Martin Place.

    Also if you get a chance, Balmain is a beautiful spot for photos. You can catch a ferry there from Darling Harbour, but be warned that the hill from the ferry terminal is the steepest road in the world.

    But yes, i concur that that side of Sydney is totally sucky for finding decent food. I think there’s some kind of food courier service though.


    • Hey Kell

      I was in the Ibis next door to the Novotel, but yeah, it was a good view from the top, even if the room was pretty small.

      I had so little time when I was there – it was all work and no play except for the first day (when I took these pics) and even then it rained like crazy 😦

      I didn’t see the Lindt cafe (probably just as well) but I know there is a chocolate cafe on George St on my walk to the office. Danger!!!

      I’ll have to try to tag on a few extra days after my next trip and do some exploring but the cost of hotels means that this is probably not going to happen for some time ($300 a night!)

      Chinatown was good for food when I was there last time, but its a little walk and on my own, I couldnt be bothered 😦

      Business travel sucks!


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